What is an audiologist?

Hearing is one of the most vital human senses, allowing us to communicate, learn from, and connect with the world around us. However, some may experience hearing difficulties that affect communication and overall quality of life. Audiologists can provide professional help to address hearing and balance disorders.

Audiologists specialize in identifying, diagnosing, and treating hearing and balance disorders. They are trained to work with patients of all ages, and may also specialize in other areas such as tinnitus, auditory processing disorder, etc.

Education and Training

Becoming an audiologist requires extensive education and training. Audiologists need to get a doctorate degree in audiology (Au.D.) and must be licensed by the state in which they intend to practice. They must also complete a supervised clinical fellowship..

Audiologists may choose to specialize in a particular area, such as cochlear implants, pediatric audiology, or tinnitus management.

What Do Audiologists Do?

Audiologists can practice in a variety of settings, such as clinics, hospitals, schools, and private practices. The primary role of an audiologist is to evaluate a patient’s hearing and balance function and from there, create a personalized treatment plan.

Below are some of the procedures that an audiologist may perform:

  1. Conduct hearing tests: Audiologists are trained to use specialized equipment to check hearing capabilities and hearing sensitivity. This includes tests that gauge a patient’s ability to hear sounds at different frequencies and volumes.
  1. Interpret hearing test results: After performing hearing tests, audiologists are trained to interpret the results and discuss them with the patient. Audiologists may also collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as ENT doctors or otolaryngologists, or speech therapists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.
  1. Recommend, fit, and program hearing aids: Audiologists may recommend and fit hearing aids depending on the hearing needs of the patient. They are extensively trained and updated with various hearing aid models to help patients choose the most appropriate hearing aid to match their hearing requirements. Audiologists can also provide ongoing professional support to ensure proper device usage and maintenance.
  1. Provide hearing rehabilitation: Aside from fitting hearing aids, audiologists are also able to provide hearing rehabilitation, which may include auditory training, speech therapy, or other interventions to enhance a patient’s ability to communicate and excel in their daily tasks.
  1. Diagnose and manage balance disorders: Hearing and balance are interrelated which means that audiologists can also diagnose and treat vertigo or dizziness. Experiencing loss of hearing combined with dizziness can be a fatal combination, as it could significantly affect your ability to move around safely.

Why See an Audiologist?

If you are experiencing hearing or balance problems, it is highly recommended to consult with an audiologist. 

Below are some instances where you need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist:

  • Trouble hearing: If you notice that you are having difficulty understanding or following group conversations, or if you find yourself turning up the volume on the TV higher than usual, you may be experiencing early signs of hearing loss. An audiologist can promptly evaluate your hearing and recommend treatment.
  • Tinnitus: Are you hearing a persistent or intermittent ringing or buzzing sound that others seemingly don’t hear? You may be experiencing tinnitus. See an audiologist to have your hearing checked and detect any underlying hearing problems.
  • Balance problems: If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, seek professional help. Don’t ignore these symptoms as they could put your health and overall safety at risk.

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Find the freedom of better hearing.

Our goal is to evaluate and treat hearing loss focusing on individual needs, so that every person, regardless of age, is given the opportunity to communicate and interact with others to the best of their ability.

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“This wonderful woman has changed my life. Thank you Catherine!! Not only is she the utmost professional and thoroughly knows her craft but she has an understanding and compassion not found in many doctors. I would highly recommend and not go to any other audiologist.”

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Find the freedom of better hearing.

Our goal is to evaluate and treat hearing loss focusing on individual needs, so that every person, regardless of age, is given the opportunity to communicate and interact with others to the best of their ability.