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Find the freedom of better hearing.

Our goal is to evaluate and treat hearing loss focusing on individual needs, so that every person, regardless of age, is given the opportunity to communicate and interact with others to the best of their ability.
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According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, if you are exposed to excessive noise levels (greater than 85 decibels) during work or other activities, you are at a higher risk of hearing loss. This is because the noise can damage the delicate hair cells in your inner ear. Custom ear protection can help protect your hearing when you are around harmful noise levels.

Hearing protection protects your ears from harmful noise levels. It does this by making the loud noises softer so they don’t damage your hearing. Our custom ear protection comes in different styles that fit your ears perfectly. This way, you can wear them all day without them being uncomfortable.

Custom Ear Protection For All Lifestyles and Activities

It is important to protect your hearing because hearing loss can lead to health problems later in life. We now know that there is a strong relationship between hearing loss and dementia. This is because when you can’t hear well, some areas of your brain don’t get stimulated. These areas are related to memory and speech.

There are three types of hearing protection: earplugs, earmuffs, and semi-insert earplugs. Earplugs fit in your ear, earmuffs fit over your ears, and semi-insert earplugs go into your ears but don’t cover them entirely.

Below are some of the custom ear protection available at Doctors Hearing Care:


If you are a hunter, you need to wear ear protection to protect your hearing from gunshots. Doctors Hearing Care has ear protection that is custom fit to your ears and is comfortable to wear. It is also convenient to carry with you. We offer both types of hearing protection: standard and electronic. Both work to protect your ears from loud noises.

MUSIC (In-Ear Studio Monitors for Musicians)

Studies show that musicians are about four times more likely than the general population to have hearing loss because of their profession. This is because musicians regularly practice their instruments, and concerts can reach up to 110 dB — which is loud enough to cause hearing damage in a short period of time. Musicians who do not wear hearing protection are at risk of losing their hearing at an early age, and they also risk their careers.

Doctors Hearing Care’s in-ear musicians’ monitors are custom-fit to the unique contours of your ear, so they fit comfortably for your entire performance. The snug but comfortable seal ensures that you only hear sounds through your monitors at a volume that is appropriate for you and won’t damage your hearing. Plus, the sound quality of our products is second to none.


If you swim a lot or spend a lot of time in the water, it is important to wear ear protection. This will help keep your ears healthy by preventing swimmer’s ear, surfer’s ear, and eardrum ruptures. Custom ear protection for swimmers helps the ears equalize underwater and creates a tight seal to keep the ear canal dry.


There are many things that can affect how well you sleep at night. Our practice believes that you should do what you can to control the things you can, like blocking out the noise that keeps you awake when you should be resting deeply. Whether it’s the result of street noise, loud neighbors, or a snoring partner, our custom-fit ear protection will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to psychiatric problems and a bunch of other health issues. When you don’t get enough sleep, you go to work tired and have low energy and poor concentration. You’re also more stressed than usual. If this is a problem for you, call Doctors Hearing Care today for help with snoring, traffic, loud neighbors, and other things that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Types of Custom Ear Molds 

Custom earmolds are traditionally made from either acrylic, vinyl, or silicone.

Vinyl Earmolds

Vinyl earmolds are softer than acrylic earmolds. This type is good for people with soft ears, like older people or children. Vinyl earmolds are easy to put in and have the advantage of creating a better acoustic seal.

Silicone Earmolds

One of the best materials for earmolds is silicone. It is flexible and comfortable, and it fits tight on instruments. It is also durable, which is better than acrylic, which can snap or break. However, silicone can be hard to insert the tube into and can be difficult to modify for a hearing healthcare professional.

Acrylic Earmolds

Most people use acrylic for their earmolds because it is a hard material that lasts for a long time. It doesn’t shrink, break down, or get hard over time. It is also easy to modify, retube, or fix if something goes wrong. Patients find that it is easy to insert and remove and that it is easy to clean.

Types of Custom Ear Plugs 

There are two types of earplugs – custom molded and disposable. Both will reduce the sound volume, but custom-molded earplugs have a better sound quality and are more comfortable. They also cost you and the environment less in the long run. Just like ear molds, ear plugs can be customizable based on your needs and lifestyle.

Frequently Ask Questions About Hearing Protection

How are custom ear molds made? 

Custom earmolds are made by taking a quick impression of your ear canal and the bowl-shaped part of your ear with a silicone-like substance. That impression is then sent to a lab to create a replica of your ear’s structure.

How loud is too loud?

If you have to shout to be heard over the music or noise, it is probably too loud and might be damaging your hearing. Things like lawnmowers or heavy freeway traffic tend to be around 80-90 dBs, which is when hearing can start being damaged. Anyone who is regularly exposed to noises of 85 dB or more should have their hearing checked regularly.

How long do custom-made earplugs last? 

The silicone material in custom-molded earplugs will last between three and five years if you take care of them. Earplugs that are cleaned regularly last longer than those that are not.

Custom Ear Protection in New Albany, IN

If you are constantly exposed to loud noise from your leisure activities or at work, please contact us for advice on the latest methods to protect your hearing. 

Doctors Hearing Care provides custom ear protection and other audiology services in New Albany, IN and nearby areas.

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Find the freedom of better hearing.

Our goal is to evaluate and treat hearing loss focusing on individual needs, so that every person, regardless of age, is given the opportunity to communicate and interact with others to the best of their ability.

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