What are the five signs of hearing loss

What are the five signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can affect anyone, at any stage of life. Some acquire hearing loss at birth (congenital), others develop it after being exposed to extremely loud noises, while others acquire it due to old age. In short, hearing loss may

how to service hearing aids

How to service hearing aids

Hearing aids have gone a long way in the last several decades. They are now a lot smaller and more powerful in technology. Despite these advancements, they still require the same level of care and maintenance as earlier versions. Audiologists

swimmer's ear

Swimmer’s Ear: All You Need to Know

Swimmer’s ear is an infection that affects the eardrum to the outside of the head. Commonly known as an infection of the outer ear canal, swimmer’s ear is often brought about by water that remains in the ear which creates

rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular because they have various benefits over regular hearing aids that use disposable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids are easier to use and do not require battery replacement on a regular basis.  Most rechargeable hearing


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“This wonderful woman has changed my life. Thank you Catherine!! Not only is she the utmost professional and thoroughly knows her craft but she has an understanding and compassion not found in many doctors. I would highly recommend and not go to any other audiologist.”

— Melanie Harris

“Professional! Friendly! Knowledgeable! Dr. Cathy was incredible with my 89 year old Father! I walked in with a good gut feeling, and walked out feeling even better! I would definitely recommend Dr. Cathy, and Doctors Hearing Care!”

— Rick Barstead

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