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  • I have had my hearing aids just over two weeks and could not be happier! I didn’t really know what I had been missing. I no longer have to struggle to hear what my family and co-workers are saying! I am hearing things I have not heard in a very long time! When I attend meetings at work, I actually know what is going on and don’t feel lost. I am so grateful to Dr. Miller for giving me back a part of my life. I wish I had gotten the hearing aids sooner.


  • I’m a senior citizen, and my daughter lives with me. Noting I could not hear her during conversations, that I was turning up the TV so loud, and that I was asking her to repeat herself so often, she convinced me to see someone about my hearing.

    My daughter called Doctors Hearing Care in New Albany, IN, for a hearing test. The results showed that my left ear was in noticeably more need than the right. The doctor contacted my insurance company and was given word one hearing aid would be paid for at this time. I received the hearing aid and it was a wonderful new experience for me. I can hear sounds I have not heard for several years, and I can hear people’s voices on the phone clearly now.

    It was embarrassing to ask people to repeat themselves. I now have a better quality of life. The hearing aid is small and very light and easy to put in. I am so happy to have it, and I’d tell anyone to not be embarrassed about wearing one. Your friends and family will be so happy you hear them. It has been a wonderful new experience, and I would ask everyone with a hearing problem to please give it a try.

    Dr. Miller was very patient with me and gave a lot of time for it to be a success. It has given me self-confidence once again.

    Flossie B.

  • Approximately five years ago I was trying to find a place that would sell me and service a pair of hearing aids. I had just given up on my second pair after investing over nine thousand dollars and being frustrated with the results.

    After doing some research and talking to friends, I decided to meet and talk with Dr. Cathy at Doctors Hearing Care. What a difference this audiologist made!!

    I was fitted with hearing aids at a very competitive price. More importantly, I have received service on my hearing aids every eight weeks at no cost. This is something I did not get with my previous "big-name" hearing aid companies.

    My point is: to be happy, you need a competitive price and services. That is what I have received at Doctors Hearing Care.

    Gary A.